Dice or Die

Di[c]e is a 3D survival game where your only weapons are dice.
Manage to craft equipments to gain power and defeat hostile forces to discover the secrets of this mysterious island and how to escape.


A unique survival experience under the sign of the dice 

  • Try to survive in a hostile environment and find a way to return to civilization.
  • Explore and collect resources to fulfill your basic needs and avoid illness and hopelessness.
  • Craft your equipment to collect dice of power adapted to different situations and gain power.
  • Discover the secrets of a beautiful and mysterious wild island, rocked by the rhythm of days and nights.
  • Learn what brought you to these strange places, the hero’s motivations and dark past.
  • Triumph in turn-based combat using weapons and magic powers.


SLYT DIGITAL brings the players consistent innovation at the highest level of design.

The Island: A full-fledged character

Fully modeled in 3D, the island offers a playing field with varied environments, sometimes borrowing from heroic fantasy masterpieces, sometimes using science fiction standards.
It has many secrets that you will need to discover and overcome.

Dice of Power

Dice or Die offers original gameplay inspired by board games. Most of your actions will be resolved with a roll of the dice, bringing some uncertainty to your wanderings.
These “Dice of Power” are acquired according to your equipment and can be of wood, silver or gold.

God casts the die, not the dice.

Albert Einstein

Alea iacta est (“The die is cast”).

Julius Caesar

 An epic adventure through space and time, magnified by cutting-edge graphics and an enchanting universe.

Available in French, English and Mandarin, Dice or Die invites you to experience a very personal adventure where storytelling plays a central role alongside an exciting gameplay.

Following a shipwreck with disturbing circumstances, you’ll need to explore an island concealing many mysteries to unravel in order to return to civilization.

Why an early access ?

Dice or Die aims to be a game with a collaborative spirit with its players.

Although already fully playable, early access is a way for you, to participate in the construction of the project, to bring your ideas, and your feedback in order to implement them in the final product and constantly improve the game experience.